Lens Technology

Combining Julbo's Industry Leading REACTIV and Spectron Lenses with prescription capability for the ultimate blend of style and clarity.

Rx Styles

Rx implementation will depend on the Frame Style

Rx Inserts

Full Frame styles with Rx Inserts in the lens.

Full Lens Rx

Frames with Full Lens Rx with the entire lens.

Optical Clip

The Optical Clip is interchangable and fits any frame with the 3D Nose Fit. 


Find out what frames are compatible with your Rx

Please view the Julbo correction table to see what frames can fit your Rx


 Email your Rx to Info@JulboUSA.com to see if falls within our build parameters. 

REACTIV Photochromic lens adjust to changing light conditions to provide clear vision for every situation. With the widest photochromic range and fastest reaction time, REACTIV leads the industry in performance photochromic eyewear.
Choose from a variety of REACTIV lens options that range from 87% visible light transmition ( Category 0- Clear lenses) to 5% visible light transmition (Category 4 - dark lenses) 


Spectron Lenses are a great for option for those looking for a premium sunglasses lens. Made from polycarbonate, Spectron lenses are extremely durable and scratch resistant. Spectron lenses come in Category 1, 3, 3CF, and 4. 
Spectron lenses  improve filtration of visible light by applying a mirror effect to the lens. Suitable for all types of sea or mountain sport, Spetron lenses also eliminate glare on reflective surfaces (road, water, snow, etc.)

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