Julbo RX Ordering Process

Premium Prescription Lenses Handmade In The Jura Mountains

Julbo is one of the few eyewear manufacturers to have a 100% in-house laboratory (from surfacing to assembly), sited at our headquarters in Jura France. Fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, we control the entire production chain to guarantee a high level of quality and production output.

It All Starts With Your Prescription

You will need a current copy of your prescription, including your monocular pupillary distance measurements (The "MPD" can be provided by a simple request to your optician.) Julbo requires this to verify we can fulfill your order. 
This is verified by Julbo Rx-perts to confirm the parameters, and ensure the Rx Lab build criteria. You can upload your prescription to our site during checkout, or email it to us later. 

The RX Lab Will Begin Crafting Your Glasses

Once your order is placed, and we confirm the prescription is up to date and within the parameters. Your glasses will be built by our highly trained technicians at our state of the art Rx Lab in Jura, France. 

Shipped to you FOR FREE

Your one of a kind, hand-crafted Julbo eywear will be sent to our headquaters for a final quality check in Burlington Vermont. The glasses are shipped to you at no cost via FedEx 2-Day Shipping. 

*Please allow up to 3-6 weeks for your sunglasses to be crafted and shipped to you.